Young Hollywood insists he is being wrongfully attacked after he said some really horrible things about Amara La Negra.

The producer, who’s worked with Nicky Jam and 2 Chainz, told the proud Afro-Latina singer that she needed to be “less Macy Gray” and “more Beyoncé,” outright saying that her look (she wears an afro) was not “elegant” enough. Young Hollywood also called Amara the “Nutella Queen” and when she referred to herself as an Afro-Latina, he asked her to “Elaborate. Are you African? Or, is that just ’cause you have an afro?” It didn’t end there—he was a whole ignorant mess.

But now, he tells TMZ that it was just an “industry statement from a pressional standpoint.” He adds that if her afro were a birthmark instead, or natural hair that she couldn’t remove, he would “understand.” He harps on the idea that “it’s a wig” and also says that he didn’t know how to articulate himself—which couldn’t be more clear.

Wig or not, speaking that way about black women and afros and what they can’t accomplish in the industry was some the most ignorant stuff we’ve ever heard on TV. To pretty much follow up with “Well, she can take it f” didn’t make it any better. Implying that she is just following a trend the moment didn’t help either. Click here to see Young Hollywood’s full response to all the backlash and alleged death threats, plus more reactions to L&HH on the flip. Spoiler: Fans want him canceled.

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