Folks on social media can find the smallest, oldest, most relatable things to go viral and make a new mark on pop culture.

First there was good ol’ Arthur (and his balled up fist) who got meme-ified and became the ficial “no longer for kids” cartoon after Black Twitter got its hands on it — and everyone else followed suit. Arthur memes have become so popular that there’s now “balled up fist Arthur meme” merch:


And let’s not forget the classic Mr. Krabs meme. Now folks have taken the innocence an alo Patrick Star from Spongebob and turned him into the mischievous, messy meme we can all relate to.

This particular still Pat is from “Nature Pants”, season one, episode eighteen and is right before the moment Patrick pins SpongeBob to the seafloor so SpongeBob will stop thinking he’s a jellyfish:


People are creative AF. Hit the flip to see more.

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