• Proof that joy can come out of troubling times, Lady Gaga has teamed up with Ariana Grande (!) for her latest single, called Rain On Me. Big Pop Collaborations often struggle to live up to their hype, but how can we not put our full trust in them both to deliver? Check out what Gaga said below!

  • After several delays The 1975 finally release their fourth album, called Notes On A Conditional Form. Early reviews suggest this is their most divisive album yet; a tactic that could see them continue their unbroken streak of Number 1s on the Official Albums Chart.
  • Singer, songwriter and model Stini’s latest music video; Live Forever – a true pop culture angel who recently released her debut EP under Empire. Check it out here.

  • YouTuber-boxer-rapper KSI unleashes his debut album proper Dissimulation. It’s a record he sounded pretty certain will establish him as a serious and credible rapper when we spoke to him over zoom last week – and we don’t disagree.
  • If sparkly, joyous, neon-bright pop is what you need to help you through these bizarre times then look no further than Carly Rae Jepsen’s Dedicated: Side B. Like 2016’s Emotion: Side B, it’s a collection of off-cuts from her latest album – but don’t let you put that off because Carly’s off-cuts are, more often than not, still A+ pop material.

  • Norwegian singer-songwriter Dagny has hit on a formula that is quickly earning her a big audience. If you liked Katy Perry’s Never Really Over, which sampled her song Love You Like That, then you’re likely to enjoy her new EP Strangers/Lovers, which includes her recent pop bangers Come Over and Somebody.

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