It’s 2019, Toni Braxton is back at the American Music Awards 25 years after winning her first award, and yet she looks like she hasn’t aged a day. Skin is glowing-glowing, y’all. The iconic R&B singer gave a tribute to herself last night because who else is gonna do “Un-Break My Heart” any justice? (Well, besides Beyoncé.) Braxton didn’t just sing it, she SANG it. Twirling violinists danced around her as she commanded the stage, wearing all white, radiant in a winter wonderland. Elsa is shook! This is her kingdom now and we are all her subjects! The iconic “Toni” script font didn’t just grace her mic stand, it lit up in the background as she took a bow. Better not forget her name: Toni “Living Legend” Braxton.

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