This Free A.I. Program Brings All Your Mash-Up Dreams (and Nightmares) to Life

This Free A.I. Program Brings All Your Mash-Up Dreams (and Nightmares) to Life

Photo by Jeremy Liem via Unsplash

Making a mash-up just got way too easy.

As if the mash-up wasn’t already one of the most accessible forms of sound stitching, a new A.I. program is opening it up to an even broader base of aspiring DJs, producers, and really, anyone with a couple of songs they’d like to (roughly) bend into one.

If you fall into any of those categories, Rave has just the utility you’ve been looking for. The group-watch streaming service has unveiled RaveDJ, a quick fix for blending any two songs into a mash-up, no matter how reprehensible the pairing. All you have to do is search for the tracks on their site, add them to the queue, and the program takes it from there, churning out a Frankenstein frequency using elements from both songs. Once the program spews out a synced-up suite, users can share them with friends and/or the Rave community. But brace yourself, the results can be both entrancing and nightmarish all at once.

RaveDJ arrives at a time when, for reasons we haven’t fully uncovered, a polished mash-up has become increasingly difficult to dig up. But the shortage shouldn’t last too long now that a program is doing the hard part and all we have to do is conjure up a couple of songs for it to cut up.

Head over to RaveDJ to give the program a spin and scroll on to hear some of our own experiments with the mash-up generator, which range from surprisingly acceptable to outright atrocious.

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