Get your requests ready: The Kelly Clarkson Show announced that it’ll return for the 2020–21 season, meaning another season full of the Kellyoke covers that captivated us in the first place. The daytime show, syndicated in 100 percent of the country, earned its early second-season renewal by ranking as the top new daytime show, and we have a good idea of how it got there. Clarkson has impressed us day after day with covers of Whitney Houston, Lizzo and Lady Gaga, and has shown us that she can do everything from rap an Eve song to belt a hit by her Idol successor Carrie Underwood. The woman even performed her Halloween cover in a Hocus Pocus costume! Now, don’t get confused amid this exciting renewal news — we’re still in the middle of The Kelly Clarkson Show season one, with plenty more covers to go. Let’s just hope she doesn’t run out of song options anytime soon.

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