The Jackson Hole, Wyoming, resort where Kanye West holed up for months has proved to be a peaceful oasis, but only for him. The owners of the ranch where he held his campfire album-listening party last week considered the event nothing but stress and chaos. Diamond Cross Ranch operator Jane Golliher tells the Blast that hosting Kanye was the “most confusing” event they’ve ever coordinated. She says Kanye changed the plan “every 30 minutes” and ultimately decided the party would take place outside when it was originally set for indoors. That then triggered all sorts of noise complaints from the neighboring lodges, which Golliher had to personally handle to avoid police involvement. Because the event started so late and went past midnight, Golliher says she nearly had to cut the power on Kanye. She also claims Kanye “severely” underpaid the ranch for their troubles. Golliher chalks the whole debacle up to Kanye and his guests being L.A. people and, in the future, there will be “no more rappers” invited to her ranch. Which means Kanye’s fast running out of places to party.


The Blast

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