In the before times, if you’d wanted to see Taylor Swift perform songs off Lover, you would’ve not only had to shell out hundreds for a stadium show, but also had to drive to Boston or L.A. for one of two Lover Fest dates. With those shows postponed due to the coronavirus, Swift is now making it easier than ever to see a Lover performance, airing a special called City of Lover on ABC. The hour-long video from a September 2019 performance in Paris (the city of love … get it?) will air on May 17 at 11 p.m. ET, after the remote season finale of American Idol. It’ll also be available on demand on Hulu and Disney+ the next day. It comes as much-needed good news for Swifties, after Swift’s new label Big Machine also released an unapproved live album in a shameless cash grab. Now, here’s a live performance you can listen to with a clean conscience. Maybe it won’t be such a cruel summer after all?

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