With each day, it seems technology is reaching new heights and robotics company Boston Dynamics is apart the party. Recently, they released a video their dog-like robot SpotMini and it’s sending chills throughout the Internet! If you ever wanted your dog to open doors for you, SpotMini is at your service. Peep the video below […]


New York rappers Azealia Banks and Pete Rock are showing ab-SOHH-lutely no chill on the head state. Both hip-hop artists have flamed tf out President Donald Trump over a hilarious, hair-exposing viral clip. Banks and Rock took to Instagram this week to share some outrageous commentary on Trump’s embarrassing footage. Last month, both rappers T.I. […]


This month The Jupiter Room welcomes Stephen James Buckley aka Polypores into the mix and he has served up an amazing mix of drone, ambience, hauntology and noise. However, this is no ordinary mix, it’s a journey, an experience like following one continual track that winds and wends its way into the dark forest of […]


A couple of absolute belters for you today. Both great tunes, both from albums due for release and both created by two of the most exciting electronic producers plying their trade in the North West of England. Afternaut – “Glass” (from the album Balance out June 9th) Balance by Afternaut Afternaut is Adam Rowley a […]


Two more top-picks for you this week and they are nicely contrasting while still occupying the same rarefied space of electronics and atmosphere. Apollo is Joel Jasper, a Vancouver-based multi-instrumentalist and producer who is no newcomer to the music scene – his love of all things musical beginning when he first picked up a guitar at the […]


Boxing icon Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants nothing at all to do with former drug kingpin Frank Lucas. The sports mogul has come forward to distance comparisons himself to the now-infamous ex-criminal. Money Mayweather went to Instagram Monday (February 5) and didn’t dice up his words after getting compared to Lucas’ signature chinchilla. A few days […]


Maybach Music Group’s Wale isn’t staying quiet today. The hip-hop veteran has ignited a must-see Twitter feud with the conservative news analyst everyone loves to hate Tomi Lahren. Wale initially struck first Sunday (January 28) by getting at Lahren over blasting music mogul JAY-Z for sharing his issues with President Donald Trump. Ralph Folarin’s comment […]


New York rapper 50 Cent really doesn’t have any chill – at all. The hip-hop executive has gone uber personal and unleashed some fury onto a fan after getting drilled about his estranged son Marquise Jackson. Fif went to Instagram Sunday (January 28) and explained why he doesn’t showcase his relationship with MJ. Last September, […]