When a person is a warrior, no one and nothing can defeat them; hope and belief will always be right by their side. When an artist is a warrior, you can always be prepared to get something new, beautiful, and infinitely inspiring from them. 

After being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2014 and defeating it courageously, now 43 years old operatic soprano and graduate of the Royal College of Music, London, Summer Watson finally announced her new releases. Her masterful call to never give up and keep moving forward “Break the Silence” has already managed to make headlines for its special and powerful message and musicality. 

The next release Summer dropped is also from her upcoming EP Unveiled, and holds the same name as the EP. The track “Unveiled” gives the EP’s pretaste, making us assume how it will sound. We can suspect that the message of the album will be as encouraging and motivational as the messages of the two tracks released. “Unveiled” has a beautiful vision of opening up ourselves to one another, but also to the world in order to get a chance of getting healed from our pain. 

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