West Coast rapper Travis Thompson has released Reckless Endangerment, his first studio album for Epic Records. The 15-track LP features collaborations with Macklemore, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars, Sylvan LaCue, Reason and A-Trak, among others.

Reckless Endangerment is a misdemeanor,” Thompson says in a press release. “It’s living wrongfully. It’s a charge you get when you’re acting so recklessly you could get the people around you hurt. That’s kind of what my life is and what all of the homies lives are.”

He continues, “We’re on this journey trying to find fulfillment, and we’re all lost as hell trying to figure it out. No matter what, we bright each other with. To us, Reckless Endangerment is knowing better, but still choosing not to do better, yet never alone. It’s finding a substantial risk and saying, ‘Fuck it. Whether that’s right or wrong is up to you to decide.”

Check out Thompson’s Reckless Endangerment stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Stream Travis Thompson's Major Label Debut LP "Reckless Endangerment"

1. Duality
2. Dropped Babies
3. We Good! f. ADÉ
4. God’s Favorite
5. The Move f. Parisalexa
6. Malice f. Ben Zaidi
7. Mad Mad World (Interlude)
8. Knew Better f. Reason
9. Glass Ceiling f. Macklemore, Sir Mix-A-Lot & Prometheus Brown
10. Kube (Skit)
11. Pray for Me
12. Inebriated.M4a
13. Don’t Run f. A-Trak
14. Enough Today f. Sylvan LaCue
15. Reckless Endangerment

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