In the press release displaying the track, we find out that ‘Damon Fletcher is a Washington, DC-based healthcare professional who is debuting, in full-force, a career in music. Damon is already meeting international success with the release of this first song created in collaboration with the Crushboys, reaching half a million viewers across the globe on YouTube only a month after its release, and giving him an extremely solid reputation in the game’. 

‘Hustle With A Purpose’ is a fun track, full of energy that will boost your mood. Damon simply wants you to have fun, don’t care about haters, and be yourself. The EDM beat and catchy lyrics create together a dancefloor banger we totally can imagine being played in the clubs. The powerful song is the outcome of the collaboration of two talented musicians who together composed a viral hit. The Crushboys spiced up the track with the synths and new vibe. 

For more information on Damon see below:

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