Stones Throw Restores Madvillain’s Classic “All Caps” Video

Stones Throw Restores Madvillain's Classic "All Caps" Video

Source: Stones Throw/Youtube

Madvillain’s hand-drawn audiovisual bomb is now available to watch in pristine definition.

Like many of the world’s purveyors of (official) MF DOOM merch and releases, Stones Throw Records has been struggling to keep its inventory up to demand in the wake of the icon’s death. And as they process back-orders of vinyl, posters, tees, and sweaters from the rapper’s revered collaborative outing with Madlib as Madvillain, the legendary indie is offering a bit of a consolation for those waiting on their orders to be shipped.

Yesterday, Stones Throw shared an HD-restoration of Madvillain’s hand-drawn animated video for “All Caps,” replacing the early-era Youtube with a visual of pristine definition. On Instagram, the label noted how the limits on Youtube’s initial file size requirement prevented them from uploading a decent quality video at the time of its initial release. The label has also shared a brief Q+A with the video’s artist, James Reitano of TFU Studios, along with early artwork for the video. In the short chat, Reitano explains how he took cues from Jack Kirby and other 1960s comic book artists in making the animation for the Madvillainy single.

Madvillain’s lone collaborative album was released in 2004 and although there had long been plans to release a sequel, a proper follow-up never surfaced. However, in the weeks following the announcement of DOOM’s death, Stones Throw founder, Chris “Peanut Butter Wolf” Manak, revealed there were, in fact, about 11 songs turned in for Madvillainy 2, but he’s unsure of how, or even if, they’ll get to see the light of day anytime soon.

Watch the newly-restored version of Madvillain’s animated “All Caps” video below. Head over to Stones Throw to see some of the original sketches for the video. And grab a copy of Madvillainy on vinyl while you’re over there.

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