Nova Gholar’s latest release is a beautiful song called “FRDM” featuring N.E.P.H.E.W. There is a powerful message instilled in the song: believe in oneself, trust in one’s own power to create change and feel the freedom that is ours from the start. Blending soul, hip hop, and r&b into a smooth cocktail of sounds, Nova Gholar presents another wholesome piece of art that speaks for itself.

“FRDM” is the second song off Nova Gholar’s upcoming album after “WNDR”. With thousands upon thousands of streams, “WNDR” is an exciting composition that transmits to the audience all of Nova’s positivity and life-affirming messages. His 2018 album The Preacher’s Kid, home to nineteen songs, also exposes Nova Gholar’s talent and exceptional creativity.  

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