Los Angeles, CA – In the most recent episode of RealStreetRadio’s interview series Crook’s Corner, KXNG Crooked stopped by Snoop Dogg’s studio to chat about his upcoming LP I Wanna Thank Me and much more.

In a bonus clip, the two share a moment — reminiscing on a time they were both in the studio with the late Tupac Shakur.

“I walked in there and seen y’all two standing at the booth. I was like, damn, I can’t believe this shit,” Crooked I told Snoop. “It took my mind to a whole nother place. Like they can, maybe you can make it one day.”

As Crook explained, the two were in the studio recording the audio for their 1996 St. Ides commercial, which was part of the 90s brand campaign produced by the iconic DJ Pooh.

“I was lucky and blessed,” he continued. “I ain’t know how blessed I was.”

Snoop quickly responded, “We never do. I didn’t either … we never do. You know, we always got hindsight when we look back at it and be like those are some precious moments.”

As Snoop explained, Pac was incredibly funny — adding they had a light clash, though it was never serious.

“I remember those moments with him more being about fun than work. Like he would always let it be fun.“

He also broke down how Pac’s well-documented work ethic rubbed off on his own process.

“Back then, you’d make a record, you listened to it for a week and you just keep listening to it. [He’d] make a record and be like, ’All right, we heard it move onto the next one,’” Snoop says.

Watch the full clip, above.

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