LA-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Saint Rien has been making waves in the music world lately. After years being the key songwriter of the Australian heavy-metal band Storm The Sky, he just began his solo career this month with the release of a debut single titled “Tell The Truth.” Despite being politically neutral, Saint Rien has unveiled an extremely political single, against everything going wrong in our system, from politicians all serving the same interests to the media fabricating the news in order to manipulate public opinion. 

“Tell The Truth” is a scream for truth by this incredibly talented young man who is fed up to live in a society where the powerful decide on the faith of the ‘small people.’ As a young conscious adult, he makes his contribution to the world by making a beautiful kind of music where all sorts of genres intertwine​ to form the Saint Rien style of music, which, given the quality of it, could potentially soon become one music lovers favorite kind of music. By bringing meaning and beauty together, he has created something out-of-the-ordinary, with an equally creative music video that captures Saint Rien performing “Tell The Truth” while showcasing some  very interesting footage of Trump and Biden sleeping together. A must watch!

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