Neil Peart, the idiosyncratic drummer and lyricist of prog-rock band Rush, has died at age 67, according to family spokesperson Elliot Mintz. Peart died in Santa Monica, California, on Tuesday, after a battle with brain cancer. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Peart joined bandmates Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson in 1974. On albums like Fly by Night he became known for his eclectic drumming technique. Peart was also renowned for his elaborate drum solos on live albums, like 1976’s All the World’s a Stage. In addition to drumming, Peart was Rush’s primary lyricist, developing the band’s distinctive literary, fantastical voice. In 2013, Peart and his bandmates were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The band quit touring in 2016, with Lifeson attributing the decision to Peart’s health. In 2018, Lifeson confirmed Rush’s retirement, officially. Peart is survived by his wife and daughter.

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