A lot like my review the film Detroit, this one is very tough to get through as a parent. I love the concept the murder mystery but as everything is happening you find yourself getting a little tight. “Seven Seconds” is a different type murder mystery though. You already know who did it from the get go. But, the REAL kicker for this one is the question, why did this happen? That’s the driving question for this series. Here are five reasons why you need to make “Seven Seconds” your next binge worthy series from Netflix.

Reason 1: You’re Also The Detective

The concept doing the detective work with the show is actually interesting. Most mysteries drop the clues ahead time and the main characters discover them later. That is not the case with this one. The best part is you discover the clues as the detectives and story reveals to you. It’s an interesting way to tell a story. I think you’ll dig it too.

Reason 2: Regina King

What can I say about her in this show? She’s amazing in this series. She showcases the levels grief as good as i’ve seen any actor/actress portray. King takes her abilities to a different level with this performance. She makes Russel Hornsby job in this series easy. Hornsby plays King’s husband in this series and his reactions to here appear so natural and free flowing it’s fantastic to see unfold.

Reason 3: Slow But Consistent

This show starts out at a snails pace to be honest. It takes a while to get where it needs to go, but once it gets rolling, it gets rolling really good. I have to admit, I was getting frustrated waiting to see what this show was trying to do. Once everything is developed and the relationships the characters is complete, that’s when things get really interesting. When you watch it, be patient with it. If you cut it too soon you’ll never see how the cookie crumbles.

Reason 4: Heavy Character Development

The character development pretty much doesn’t stop in this one. They want you to relate so much to these characters that you get overly emotional when situations happen to them. They focus on the husband/wife relationship dealing with extreme times hardship or loss. The focus on the person who committed the crime and how him and his wife handle their own lives with a newborn their own. How the detectives have deal with real life problems while in the middle a grand scale murder investigation. It goes on and on like this. So much heavy material to develop and build something deep.

Reason 5: The Big Reveal

The reveals in this one are subtle at first, but once the show gets into its groove, the reveals turn MAJOR! Will justice be served? How will the prosecutor overcome such cunning adversaries? With each twist and turn along the way, each episode builds more and more towards the trial at hand. How you react will depend on your ability to relate to all the characters within this one. When I say BIG reveal, you’ll know it when you see it.

I hope none us have to ever experience what this series put these characters through. Many social issues are addressed in this one, and it raises the question ‘how would you react if you were put in this scenario?’ Would you want vengeance or justice? As a parent, I would imagine justice with some vengeance is the answer. The relationship between the police and the community is analyzed. It may have been difficult to watch being a parent myself, but it was a solid story with an excellent cast. May have enough for a second season, but will have to wait and see. Definitely watch it, even if it’s just one time through.

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