Heading into New York City this week? Want to see a true hip-hop legend perform live? Need to take Throwback Thursday to the max?

Today, check out SOHH Lifestyle Correspondent Jacob Mercado‘s top five reasons you should go see hip-hop icon Rakim take over B.B. King Blues & Grill Thursday, February 8 in New York City. Make sure to read each reason and enter to win free passes!]

Reason 1: The Legend

The first reason why you should go see Rakim i because the man has credentials. He’s shown what he’s done with hip-hop and what you can do when you sample the godfather soul music. The music ends up being so dope with intricate sounds he made with his beats and deejay Erib C. They came in and changed up the game by with the mix and mashing on the turntable that combination was like Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. Those two made magic together.

Reason 2: G.O.A.T. Credentials

Rakim’s bangers made hits. Listen to a sample Rakim’s flow words and how clear he can make himself sound it was something people would describe as a lyrical genius and every note comes just as hard as the fist one. If you want to see how good he is take look at how he goes in with “Don’t Sweat The Technique” and he elaborate on how good he can rap with a flow unheard by any one and back in the 80s. That man was ahead his time with his music. The man ain’t no joke you just have to hear how he kills it with every line he hits with the song. It’s beautiful to see something like this especially how he use one line that’s truly sick in the last line “I Ain’t No Joke” “when it get dark then I’m a spark this microphone `cause the heat is on, you see smoke and I’m finished when the beat is gone.”

Reason 3: Who He Is

Rakim is one the most the influential rappers his time. The man was able to put a huge stamp in the music world. The first time he came across my eyes was when they used his song “Don’t Sweat The Technique” and it was in the NBA 2K10 video game and they use Kobe Bryant after he won the NBA Finals. That was dope as hell. The concept Kobe being as filthy as his lyrics for that song and how dope the man is that they put hands down his best song on the front cover. Another appearance where his song was a banger called “Know The Ledge,” which made him so solidified in the hip-hop world. This shows why you should come out to B.B. Kings to come show this man some love and hear him go in with his lyrical skills

Reason 4: The Support

Another reason why is because he comes from New York City. Stop what you are doing and come listen to him. Come out and support the man with all he’s done for us in the name hip-hop.

Reason 5: Big Apple Love

The fifth reason is to come out and show the man some love. He’s proved he’s not a joke and he can kill the mic with just his words. Rakim will light up the mike so come out with your CDs and your shirts and everything else.

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