T.I. faced significant backlash when he spoke on taking his daughter to the gynecologist to see if her hymen was still intact. Despite the negative reaction, Rah Digga has come out in support of Tip and revealed she’s also done the same thing with her own daughter.

Rah’s defense of T.I. emerged after she saw an article about New York state legislators proposing a bill outlawing “virginity tests” following Tip’s infamous revelation. The veteran MC reacted Twitter, criticizing the bill on Sunday (December 1).

“So on top of it being criminal for parents to discipline their children they’re trying to make it criminal to monitor their sex lives?” she wrote. “FOH!! I STAND WITH @Tip.”

Rah’s comment sparked outrage on social media. One Twitter user called the actions “sick” and “invasive,” which prompted a response from Flipmode Squad member.

“What’s sick are the leaps and bounds society is taking to remove parental structuring and people justifying it,” she wrote. “Same society won’t have shit to say when that kid comes home pregnant and abortions are illegal. That’s that on that!!”

She also commented on getting a “virginity test” for her daughter and characterized it as a positive experience.

“Well I did it and guess what? When I found out she wasn’t anymore did I berate her..No,” Rah explained. “Did I kick her out the house..No. I was able to have a convo where she openly told me what it was. And i emphasized being safe. And life went on…”

Rah took an issue with the notion she was invading her daughter’s privacy as well.

“So we supposed to monitor school work, online/social media activity, company they keep, all this other stuff but it’s wrong to monitor their sex lives?!?!?” she questioned a Twitter user. “Make. It. Make. Sense.”

She then circled back to her own experience and the effect of her father’s parenting.

“All I know is the thought of my Dad finding out about a sex life kept my ass a virgin till I was 19,” she noted. “THANK YOU DAD!!! I dunno what erbody else talmbout…”

As the discussion continued, Rah took aim at the harsh criticism of T.I.

“Everybody so stuck on the logistics of a ‘hymen test’ and ignoring a father expressing how he goes above and beyond to keep his kids in line,” she declared. “It may not be your way but I can NEVER be mad at any Black father for that. Sorry not sorry.”

She added, “I have no problem being on an island w/ this one. I ain’t letting yall shame TI out of being an overprotective Dad. Nope.”

Rah additionally commented on age being a factor in the debate.

“So the real problem is her age?” she asked when a person described the hymen check as sexual abuse. “Would it be less outrageous if she was 13 or 14?”

She further stated, “So the day she turned 18 he went from being an overprotective Dad to pervert? Because any vaginas still in MY house that I gotta provide for are getting policed. Straight like that.”

On Monday (December 2), Rah threw in a comment from her daughter as a final defense.

“So I just got a call from my daughter amidst the online banter,” she wrote. “She said ‘Thank you for being you Mom. I’m a better woman for it!’ Full time student, full time job, her own car, crib and ain’t thinking about having kids till she finish her degrees. That’s all the cosign I need.”

Read more of the back-and-forth between Rah and Twitter users below.

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