Professor Green sparked a heated debate on social media when he introduced the newest member of his family to the world.

The rapper got into a blazing row on Instagram with fans after receiving abuse for tagging a bullmastiff breeder in a picture of his new adorable puppy Frank, with fans raging that he didn’t get his pup from a dogs orphanage like Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. 

Underneath a now-deleted photo of the pup, one wrote: “Why didn’t you rescue a dog @professorgreen ? Im a vet and i see to many if these bull/mastiff type breeds in shelters and pounds and being put too sleep.

“Instead of advertising the breeder who Im sure is doing pretty well for themselves maybe push for the Dogs Trust or a similar charity? #adoptdontshop#adoptdontshop

Pro Green kicked back: “I’ve done more work than most… I don’t need telling to, thanks.”

However, the follower replied: “True but when you have such a social following i really feel this could be used to push for all those bullmastiffs and staffies and actually all breeds in need of loving homes…. instead of plastering a breeder all over insta.

“I get it you probably got some amazing deal and he is very cute but for every frank there are ten in a kennel wanting homes “

Pro Green – real name Stephen Paul Manderson – replied again when others waded into the debate.

Laying into the star, one fan wrote: “Could of adopted a dog with your status you could of done the world some good. Plenty needing homes” with another saying: “Happy for him. But wish he used his game to promote adoption many pitty pups in the shelters.”

The rapper shot back: “You missed the months of work I put into a program to try and change the dangerous dogs act?”