Pop Smoke wasn’t pleased with some shots photographer Paris Marley captured of him at a recent meet-and-greet event in Virginia.

On Thursday (February 13), Marley shared a screenshot of a Twitter exchange he had with the 20-year-old Brooklyn rapper in which Pop Smoke berates him for sharing some photos he found less than flattering.

“Yo you tryna disrespect me cuz,” he said. “Why you posting pics like this of me.” Marley replied, “Wym I’m trynna disrespect. You don’t like? I’ll take them down.

Pop Smoke fired back, “Take it down homie. Don’t ever try to play me like that.” From there, it appears Marley is over it, writing, “U played yourself that’s how u look, fuck wrong wit u.”

But instead of humor Pop Smoke and remove the images, Marley decided to post them anyway. 

The photographer also shared a video of Pop Smoke talking about the photos.

“Caught me on some funny face ass … you film me all looking crazy and shit,” he says in the clip. “You got that. You got that. Guess what? Meet The Woo 2 still No. 1 in Canada. No. 2 in the U.S. Come on. I got songs in the Top 10. Come on? What you tellin’ me? Go on. Suck my dick.”

Marley wrote in the caption, “Fuck it there go the pics. He went too far disrespecting me #Shotbypmarley DONT COME TO VA!”

Check out his post below.

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