Could you?
Could you?
Could you …
… Believe Pink would give anything other than an emotional awards-show performance?

Okay, so part of us wanted Pink to dramatically throw off her poncho to reveal silks that would hoist her up into a beautiful country-tinged aerial number during her performance of her ballad “Love Me Anyway” at last night’s CMA Awards. Of course, we got the next best thing: sweet, sweet harmonies with country-music singer Chris Stapleton. Pink and Stapleton performed for the audience with a pianist, backing guitar, and string quartet, because there’s no genre she can’t make her own. It’s pleasant and lovely to watch Stapleton and Pink post-apocalyptically harmonizing through the smoky-hazy orange lights and fog effect, could you love me anyway / like it’s the end of the world?

So sure, Kacey Musgraves. You might have won the CMA Award for Music Video of the Year for “Rainbow.” But never forget who the true queen of awards-show vocals is. Pink invented rainbows.

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