DJs, are you in the market for a new “all-in-one” controller? If so, famed DJ company Pioneer may have what you’re looking for.

For all you DJs out there looking for that next great all in one controller, Pioneer may have something that will excite you. The famous audio and digital entertainment company has recently unveiled a DJ controller aimed at handling all your basic needs behind the decks. Combined with the companies popular stware, Rekordbox, Pioneer has released the DDJ-1000 controller. 

 The controller has four channels, two media players, a pair jog wheels (with a built in screen displaying info like the track’s BPM, hot cues and loop data), eight performance pads on each deck and much more!  For those you wondering, the DDJ-1000 is DVS compatible so the controller can easily be used with CDJ’s or turntables.  

For an in-depth run down what the DDJ-1000 can do, check out the video below.

The unit is expected to be released sometime next month and have a price tag $1,199.  For more information on the DDJ-1000, you can visit the page for the controller here.

H/T: Resident Advisor

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