Phora isn’t too happy with what seems to be the promo run for Playboi Carti’s highly-anticipated album Whole Lotta Red. On Monday (December 14), images of the album’s title and its alleged release date of December 25 spray-painted on walls and billboards in various locations started circulating on Twitter.

One of those billboards happened to be the one Phora commissioned to promote his new album With Love 2, and the California rapper is pissed off. He took to his Instagram Stories Monday to comment on the act of vandalism with not so nice words.

“Whole lotta CAP. FUCKING LOSERS,” he wrote on his story showing a picture of the graffiti-tagged billboard. “Bunch of weirdos in LA.. Who don’t give a fuck about the next person trying to do something with themselves.”

Phora, who was a graffiti artist before becoming a rap star, reminded fans that although he used to do the same thing, there’s a code of respect when it comes to tagging over people’s art. He even went as far as calling Carti’s team “fuck boys” and “clowns” for the sign of disrespect.

“World filled with a bunch of fuck boys and clowns who have no respect for anyone because they have no respect for themselves,” Phora said in another story. “Could never be me. Some people just raised and built differently though.”

“And yes I used to be a tagger.. I love graffiti. Still do…. But in my graff days, guess what happens when you disrespect someone else’s art.. or tag over someone else’s shit… U get BEAT THE FUCK UP lol. Tf u niggas mean ‘u used to be a tagger’ It’s about respect towards other artists. Fuckin weirdos,” he added.


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Phora’s anger didn’t stop there. He went on to promote Mario Judah’s Whole Lotta Red with several pictures showing the Florida rapper. For weeks, Judah has been attempting to get Carti to drop the album with hilarious videos of him screaming at the Atlanta rapper. Judah has yet to get a response, but Phora made it loud and clear he’s riding with the “Bih Yah” rapper by posting his album cover with the caption that said his version of Whole Lotta Red is fire.

As he continues to have fans guessing whether Whole Lotta Red is coming or not, Playboi Carti is finding the time to kick it with Kanye West. On Friday (December 11), he shared since-deleted pics on Instagram showing various cars, himself watching vampire movies and hanging with Kanye. Akademiks claimed the Die Lit rapper’s album was finally dropping on Christmas Day and that Ye had an executive producer role on the album.


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