Nraakors is a band from Iowa who recently released a visionary album, Hoppel Poppel, bringing together past, present and futuristic sonorities into one coherent and extraordinary tracklist.  

Probably one of the only projects out there capable of putting together a neo-classical track next to a rock one, followed by a work with synthesizer and applied live electronics and a jazz piece. The surprising fact is that this unpredictable chronology does not seem strange at all when one listens to the full 59-minute album, but rather flowing like water and very pleasing. 

The group of three,  James Kasper, Joseph Norman, and Gigi Macabre, along with other musicians have joined efforts to create a timeless LP that will resonate with the many listeners out there in search for different, original, and new artists to add to their playlists. A work of art,  Hoppel Poppel sets the tone for many more projects by the talented Nraakors. 

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