Susan Sarandon, everyone on Earth’s cool aunt who kind of intimidates you, wants you to quit Facebook. And not just because she probably thinks you’ll get more done. The celebrity is joining numerous other big names, including Will Ferrell, in a growing movement called #DeleteFacebook. The campaign is made up of people who are not necessarily telling everyone to delete Facebook, but at least making quite a big show about doing so themselves.

The star seems to be attributing her decision to censorship on the social media platform, and posted her announcement along with a Charles Bukowski quote (of course) to Instagram, which is actually owned by Facebook, but that’s a truth everyone has temporarily decided we need to ignore for the sake of cat photos. She also posted the announcement on Twitter, the network we’ve all just kind of decided is fine for now because we need to hold on to something, at least. It’s not clear if, having been deprived of it’s Susan Sarandon-centered content, Facebook will feel the pinch. But it’s safe to say these kinds of high profile exits don’t bode well for the social network’s relevance.

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