Netflix’s new Mötley Crüe biopic has lots of floor to cowl what with all the overall hedonism related to the band. But one space of the band’s legacy it’ll omit is their confession that Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee “just about” raped a younger girl throughout a celebration, as a result of Sixx now wishes to recant that story. Sixx first revealed the incident within the band’s 2001 memoir, The Dirt, which the Netflix film is customized from. He wrote within the guide that he started having a intercourse with a girl he knew in a closet, left to go use the toilet, then satisfied Tommy Lee to return into the room and have intercourse together with her in his place with out her information or consent. The subsequent day, Sixx wrote, the lady known as him and claimed she was raped by somebody she’d hitchhiked house with, which made him assume “he’d in all probability gone too far.” He continued, “At first, I used to be relieved, as a result of it meant I hadn’t raped her. But the extra I thought of it, the extra I noticed that I just about had.”

Sixx now tells Rolling Stone (whose contributing editor Neil Strauss co-authored the memoir) that he doesn’t do not forget that story and isn’t certain why it was included within the guide. “I don’t really recall that story within the guide past studying it,” Sixx says. “I’ve no clue why it’s in there aside from I used to be outta my head and it’s presumably tremendously embellished or [I] made it up. Those phrases have been irresponsible on my half. I’m sorry.” (He claims Strauss additionally embellished the story; Strauss tells Rolling Stone he’s contractually prevented from commenting.) Sixx says he wasn’t sober but when he interviewed for the guide, and needs he’d waited: “There is lots of horrible conduct within the guide. What I can let you know is that all of us lived to remorse rather a lot and discovered from it. We come clean with all our conduct that harm ourselves, our households, mates, and any innocents round us.”

The biopic’s director Jeff Tremaine tells Rolling Stone that he as a substitute centered on the “lighter” debauchery from the band’s profession — they reportedly had closing veto on the script — like Tommy Lee dishonest on Heather Locklear and vomiting on a stripper. According to Tremaine, the choice to not embody the rape wasn’t to dodge outrage on this #MeToo local weather. “We are telling a real story that occurred. You can interpret it nevertheless,” he says. “I don’t assume we modified the tone of the film to suit the instances or something like that.” It’s unclear if the small print of home abuse from the guide may also be excluded from the movie.

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