Young Money’s Nicki Minaj is going to make it a long summer. The hip-hop diva has announced her new Queen album won’t drop until August.

After initially planning for a June release, Onika went to social media Thursday (May 24) to announce the unexpected delay.

? #QUEEN 8|10|18

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#NickiMinaj pushes back the release date for her album #Queen

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Last night, Nicki promised to deliver some major news on Thursday.

You guys, after careful consideration, I’ve decided to do my announcement tmrw when most of my fans all around the world are wide awake. A lot of them are asleep right now due to it being like 3 or 4 in the morning in their various countries. Let’s do 3pm EST tomorrow. ♥️you ?

— Chun-Li (@NICKIMINAJ) May 24, 2018

Ok well why don’t I just scrap it altogether? No announcement. And another hiatus. XO https://t.co/SS3g7Qf0hG

— Chun-Li (@NICKIMINAJ) May 24, 2018

Half your TL is busy tomorrow sis wyd @NICKIMINAJ

— Lee-Li (@AliciaLuvsNICKI) May 24, 2018

The Internet freaked out after Nicki hinted at possibly going on another social media hiatus and having to wait on the news.

@911 pic.twitter.com/23L8pp1avj

— NICKI FEEL BETTER ? (@ethanlevels) May 24, 2018

How About We Just Tell Them Tomorrow Or You Can Save The Live Sis ?? We’re Too Anxious We Wont Be Able To Sleep ??‍♀️?

— EscoBarbie ? (@QueenNic1) May 24, 2018


— BlacBar? (@minajwave) May 24, 2018

TOMORROW ?! pic.twitter.com/KLO8gJ8RYR

— QUEEN DIA ? (@BarbieDia) May 24, 2018


— Debi’ K ? (@iCantRelate2u) May 24, 2018


— Herman (@cjbydesign) May 24, 2018

Sis everybody was just playing. Love you?? pic.twitter.com/KoTkKmKqgD

— World Nicki (@World_Nicki282) May 24, 2018

Tanya don’t do that pic.twitter.com/57PmSxB8j9

— B? (@Bvrbiebritt) May 24, 2018

Me right now after not getting the announcement. pic.twitter.com/1b9HUF8423

— Tristian (@TristianMinaj) May 24, 2018

Another hiatus? Oh god .. plz no pic.twitter.com/ajdeYIDOQl

— Bitch its King Kong ?? (@GyanniMinaj) May 24, 2018

lemme just shut up now cause y’all know i be coming for nicki like no tomorrow. last thing i need is to hurt her feelings so bad that i’m the reason we don’t get this album ?? pic.twitter.com/sX0RpnT8Ay

— ???ℍ??ℕ + (@98HOODLUM) May 24, 2018

Sis, @NICKIMINAJ come here babe… Lets talk ??????? pic.twitter.com/gmSyEhPzHv

— ♔♚ALEXANDER MCKING♚♔ (@oalexneo) May 24, 2018

Nicki: Ok well why don’t I just scrap it altogether? No announcement. And another hiatus. XO

The Barbz: pic.twitter.com/oDcUT3IhwZ

— Top5Cal-Li ??‍♂️?? (@PLaYBoYKeNxX_2) May 24, 2018

Me upset but also scared to say anything pic.twitter.com/M6XRcFztut

— Male Minaj Fans (@MaleMinajFans) May 24, 2018

we wait months for the album announcement, it costs nothing to wait another few hours for this announcement. Ok sis @NICKIMINAJ you won. pic.twitter.com/cjmSUTZYJk

— insta: jhonymarquess (@jhmarquesss) May 24, 2018

Me tryna figure out Nicki’s mood pic.twitter.com/64Q4LwG7yO

— Tiff (T Latrice) (@Flawless_EhEhF1) May 24, 2018


— ™ (@MinajCrave) May 24, 2018

Sorry y’all. We can’t joke on here anymore.

— Chun-Li (@NICKIMINAJ) May 24, 2018

She loves us so much! We love you too Nic? pic.twitter.com/YaLfgbntKy

— ?Ty? (@sweetestxgirl) May 24, 2018

TM been chopping it up with sis for years. They salty they don’t even have that kind of connection with their own family & friends.

— Jet-Li (@Jayveri) May 24, 2018

THE COMMENTS UNDER HER TWERKING VIDEO @NICKIMINAJ ????????????????????? pic.twitter.com/3pXzN4d4ZC

— KingTam (@TamerTakrouri) May 24, 2018

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