Up and coming Louisiana born and based songstress Mena delivers a new magical creation and it is simply put…perfect. Hand In Hand is a unique and refreshing ride that is unexpected yet much welcomed, for it manages to hit all the right spots. Her voice is like silk caressing our emotions with a soft touch, but yet that jazzy vibe that it has gives it a certain passionate fire that makes it intoxicating. She dances around playfully through each note allowing all the magic that the world might have to be felt through her soundscape. Let go off all the rules you know and be as adventurous as she is and simply jump into her melodies and verses.

This track is a part of her first intimate project titled She Knows. For this EP, Mena teamed up with Hip-Hop producer Carlos Stephens, who has been with her every step of the way.

Listen to the intoxicating track down below and follow Mena on her Instagram.

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