Bored with your headphones? Tired buying iPhone X headphone adapters and jacks? Want to join the wireless club in style and fashion?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should buy a pair tech giant Monster’s new Clarity BT Designer Series Wireless Headphones. Make sure to read each reason and enter to win your own!]

Reason 1: You Deserve Better – The Future Is Here

Monster's New Clarity BT Designer Series Wireless Headphones: "24 Hours Before You Need to Charge Back Up" –

The first reason you should buy a pair Monster’s new Clarity BT Designer Series Wireless Headphones is because these are just as futuristic as you get. These are cutting-edge headphones which scream out “Next Generation” and give you a look into how bright the next few months, years and even decades are in personal audio entertainment. Having the opportunity to test out these headphones listening to Drake and BlocBoy JB’s new “Look Alive” single, everything about these headphones are G-status. Unpacking them with their compact folding design made them easy to pop into the Nike bookbag and bring them to the fice. Taking them out, you’re just blown away by the small features – how insanely lightweight they are, the st cushions and – my favorite aspect – the quick setup process. Once you’re set up, get blown away by the simple swipe features! Don’t act like you’re not about that swipe life – whether you’ve gone up/down with your photo library or had to get your left/right dating app swipe on, Monster has taken this simple gesture and revamped their headphones. Swipe up and down to change the volume. The track forward is a double-tap; the track back is a triple-tap. Simple and life-changing. This feature is an instant game-changer. There are too many things to mention – which is why we’ll scatter them out into four other reasons – but if you only take one thing away from this one, it’s the fact these are not ordinary headphones. High-end. Luxury. Fashionable. Futuristic. All these come packed into Monster’s new Clarity BT Designer Series. #YouDeserveBetter CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS NOW!]

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