CALIFORNIA CITY, CA – On Tuesday (May 29), news of a podcast-turned-Mike Tyson’s Punchout! hit the internet after it was revealed that the boxing legend got into a fistfight with The Game’s manager Wack100.

For his part, Wack100 explained that there were licks exchanged on both sides in an Instagram retort as Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson fans await the actual footage to surface.

“@fredfrenchy Knows the day of release. Just know this Wack wasn’t giving up shit and Mike still quick with his hands ! @edsbritton sorry you had to see what you saw but it’s what brothas do when we can’t solve the problem with reason !! #West #Igottaheadache #TysonRanch,” Wack100 wrote.

However, on Wednesday, Iron Mike hopped on his own IG to not only confirm the altercation took place but to hint that it wasn’t as even as the industry mogul would have some to believe.

“Everybody has a plan ‘til they get punched in the mouth. Ain’t that right @wack100 #tupacthelegend @hotboxinpodcast #hotboxinpodcast,” Tyson captioned on a photo of him and the late Tupac Shakur — the subject of conversation which was said to have caused the scuffle.

Wack100 also revealed that he later hit Kaiser Permanente for some Tramadol, a painkiller that is said to be more potent than codeine.

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