New York, NY – Method Man had a little fun at the expense of unsuspecting social media users when GQ had him go undercover on several platforms. In the YouTube clip, the Wu-Tang Clan luminary hops on Quora, Twitter, and YouTube.

He fields fans’ questions about his Biggie and 2Pac verses, jokes about actor (and apparently DJ) Elijah Woods and explains why he gets his own song on 1993’s Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

“Cause I wrote it,” he says with a straight face. “That’s the bottom line. The reason why that song is called ‘Method Man’ is cause I fuckin wrote it. And it was hot. So there. Go take your humble pie in the corner and eat it.”

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Meth also debunks the notion “Method” was slang for PCP back in 90s.

“No it wasn’t,” he says. “That’s a falsehood right there. No it wasn’t. We used to call Methods cigarettes first and then it became weed so somebody lied to you, bruh. I hate when people make up random shit. You find me one motherfucker from Staten Island who ever called dust Method. We ain’t ever called that shit Method, shut up. You sound stupid.”

From there, he touches on the upcoming Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, which stars Meth and his partner-in-crime Redman as well as his role in Luke Cage. 

Check out the full clip up top.

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