Nashville, TN – Mary J. Blige wants no more drama, including heckling at her shows. During a recent concert in Nashville, the Queen of Hip Hop Soul put a heckler on blast while giving a speech to her fans.

“Every time you look around somebody got some shit to say,” Blige told the crowd. “But check this out. Let me tell you something. You just hold on. Hold on, keep fighting, keep being strong. And for the person that’s been here saying, ‘Mary shut the fuck up’ all night, bitch, you shut the fuck up!”

Blige’s heckler takedown was preceded by a motivational message for everyone in attendance at the show.

“There’s a billion, million armies and soldiers of demons and negativities and haters,” she said. “They coming against me every day and I just keep fighting. You know why? ‘Cause this is my life. You keep fighting for your life, for your husband, for your job, for your friends. Whatever you got that’s yours, keep fighting. You tell them haters to kiss yo ass. Period!”

She added, “As you can see, Mary J. Blige don’t give no fucks!”

Blige is currently co-headlining the Royalty Tour with Nas. Check out all of their upcoming tour dates here.

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