Time is a construct, however scamming is without end, child. Mariah Carey is at bitter odds with a former assistant she’s now satisfied would possibly simply be one other grifter within the lengthy line of con artists come earlier than her. Carey is suing Lianna Azarian, a girl she says labored as her govt assistant between 2015 and 2017, and through that point, she claims did nothing however extort her. According to the swimsuit, Azarian would allegedly secretly movie Carey with out her permission “engaged in private actions which, if revealed, Azarian knew can be personally embarrassing and professionally damaging to Mariah,” and threatened to make use of that footage to blackmail Carey if she fired her, which Carey did in 2017. Carey claims that she had Azarian signal an NDA when she first began working for her and that every one these secret recordings, plus the blackmail, violate that contract. She’s now suing for $three million, saying in a press release her lawyer, “This new 12 months welcomes Mariah’s continued efforts to scrub the trash from her life.”

In her swimsuit, Carey additionally claims that Azarian routinely manipulated her out of cash and when she wouldn’t get it that method, she’d simply steal it. Azarian first began working for Carey for an agreed upon wage of $250,00zero however was then granted a increase to $327,00zero when she complained about additional time, regardless of being advised the job would require “irregular” hours as a result of Carey’s, nicely, Mariah Carey. In addition to the elevated pay, Azarian would allegedly use Carey’s bank cards for private purchases. When Azarian was fired in 2017, the swimsuit claims she lawyered up and “demanded hundreds of thousands of and refused to return” the key recordings.

Azarian can be reportedly suing Carey’s former supervisor, Stella Bulochnikov, claiming Bulochnikov bodily abused her and used racial slurs, all of which she says Carey witnessed and did nothing. Last 12 months, Bulochnikov herself sued Carey for sexual harassment and breach of contract (she was fired the earlier 12 months), which Carey alluded to on her music “A No No”; the 2 only recently settled that lawsuit. But a diva’s work is rarely finished!

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