Today marks the 30th anniversary Spike Lee’s cult classic School Daze which allowed the whole world to take a look at the incomparable Black experience — specifically at HBCUs.

Many careers took f after the 1988 film was released, but Tisha Campbell-Martin was clearly the brightest star them all.

Some even argue that with her popping career through the 80’s and 90’s as an actress, singer and the light skin “It” girl that all the guys wanted to be with — Tisha Campbell-Martin was the Beyoncé her day.

We get the feeling that sometimes Tisha herself believes the same to be true.


There’s even an Instagram account dedicated to hilariously photoshopping Tisha’s face on Beyoncé’s body.



Even though Tisha Campbell-Martin’s music career wasn’t as successful as Bey’s, we still can’t forget what “Gina” gave to the culture. Hit the flip for more photos Ti-yoncé.

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