Niglevel is a rapper on the rise from Brooklyn, NY. Victor B Hill, aka Niglevel, formerly known as Killa B, has been gaining the attention of the music press in the US and in the UK thanks to his eccentric creation “My Music Storm.” 

Starting off powerfully, Niglevel merges a groovy tempo and beat with a very laid-back flow, overall producing a very addictive experience in terms of sounds, something coming from the 90’s classic era and yet added with its own creative twist.  

Niglevel composed “My Music Strom” at a time when he fell in love with a lady who just thought he was an ordinary rapper and didn’t respond positively to his attention. 

The original element in this track is the fun and uplifting energy distilled by the melodies, without forgetting the sexy female vocal effects all throughout the track. 

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