In the latest installment of “Rappers Who Say Fuck Shit,” Kodak Black claims to be better than the legendary Tupac Shakur. During a recent Instagram Live session, the Pompano Beach native expressed his frustration over people telling him he could never be on that level.

“People tryin’ to say, ‘Oh I can’t put myself in the same category as 2Pac,” he says. “Actually I’m better than 2Pac because I live what I rap about. He’s just a legend for a fact that he died. I live what I rap about.”

Kodak’s bold statement comes shortly after his proclamation that he’s undeniably in the same category as not only 2Pac but also The Notorious B.I.G.

“I’m the hardest rapper in the game, I promise,” he said. “When you talk about me, you should put me in the same category as like ‘Pac, Big, Nas — them niggas. Like, you feel me? Really listen to my shit. I don’t care how I act on the ground. Ask about me in the streets, I’m a real one .. and I’m actually for real. You feel me?

“I see y’all sensitive as fuck. You can’t even vibe high. I can’t even be buggin’ on the internet ’cause y’all think I’m crazy.” (Well?)

The Project Baby architect has been on a roll with his outrageous commentary lately. Last week, he dropped “Pimpin Ain’t Easy,” which featured sexually charged and seemingly homophobic lyrics about the openly gay Young M.A.

It only got worse after M.A called his comments “weird.” Kodak then scolded her for not warming up to his advances, albeit in a much more explicit manner.

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