With King Von delaying his Welcome to O’Block album until the end of the month (October 30), the Chicago rhymer still decided to flood the streets with a hard-hitting single instead. Von connected with Brooklyn’s Fivio Foreign on Friday (October 9) to combine the drill worlds of Chicago and New York on “I Am What I Am.”

Fivio sets the tone with a fiery opening verse where he pays homage to his Canarsie running mate in the late Pop Smoke.

“Forever Pop, we ain’t never gettin’ cool with the opps/I get the money, I do it a lot (I get the money, I do it a lot)/I got it on me, he gettin’ shot (Bow)/We ain’t give a fuck about the cops/I’m that Woo, you know what to do,” Fivio raps over the grimy ChopSquadDJ production.

Von takes the baton and puts his vivid storytelling on display with more frightening street tales.

“I was thirteen doin’ burglaries (I was)/That n*gga big brother used to serve for me (Serve)/I been fuckin’ hoes that was curvin’ me/Last n*gga play with King Von he needs surgery (he needs surgery)/Grab something, I hit a bitch with my mask on/Didn’t rob her crib, I’d be dead wrong,” the Only The Family artist rhymes.

Von decided to push his project back after having a recent dream about his late friend T. Roy. Roy grew up in Chicago with Von and was murdered in 2017. Von wants to commemorate T. Roy’s birthday by also releasing his album on October 30.

King Von’s last project, LeVon James, released back in March.

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