Kesha gets raw and real in the music video for her new single, “Resentment.” The singer haunts a hotel room, recording her wanderings on a grainy camera. Hair’s unbrushed, pants are off, and yesterday’s eye makeup is still on her face, smudged from crying. Kesha sings about finally ending a failed relationship once she realized there was no more love to give. “I don’t hate you, babe, it’s worse than that / ’Cause you hurt me and I don’t react / I’ve been building up this thing for months / Oh, resentment,” she sings in the chorus. The song features Sturgill Simpson, Wrabel, and Brian Wilson. “Resentment is such a powerful and destructive emotion and in my experience is more complex than hate or anger,” the singer tweeted her inspiration for the song. It’s also the third single from her upcoming album, High Road, out January 10.

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