Seven years before the app TikTok came onto the scene, an unknown, Auto-Tuned, instantly likable pop singer who then went by Ke$ha gave us a hit called “TiK ToK.” As Ke$ha became Kesha, the inspirational, fun-loving pop star, TikTok became a Gen-Z phenomenon, reviving old songs and launching new ones with bite-sized challenges. Now, “TiK ToK” and TikTok’s paths have crossed a new challenge, #AlbumLookAlike, where users re-create album covers, usually as part of a joke. Kesha posted her own today, recreating her career-starting “TiK ToK” single cover by applying heavy eyeliner to one eye, covering the other with her bangs and pretending to blow some glitter. Looks like we’ve found the the #AlbumLookAlike challenge winner. Maybe now this’ll launch the “TiK ToK” TikTok challenge we deserve.

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