Katy Perry dropped the music video for her ballad “Never Worn White” at midnight on Thursday, and used it to reveal that she and fiancé Orlando Bloom are pregnant with their first child. Perry’s fans are obviously very excited about both the baby and the new single, and Perry called into SiriusXM Hits 1 to clear up any rumors about the pregnancy, the song, and upcoming music. In her chat with radio host Mikey Piff, Perry reveals the hyperspecific loophole behind the central premise of “Never Worn White,” which is that when she got married to Russell Brand, her wedding dress was dove gray (so take that, haters). She also said that the song is not the lead single off her upcoming sixth album, but she released the video first because “I was getting way too fat to hide it, so I was like, ‘Well, I think this song will be a great reveal!’”

As for how she revealed her pregnancy to friends and family, you know Miss Perry opted for an unnecessarily elaborate Impractical Jokers–style prop-comedy surprise. Perry says she “put the news on a wine label,” and that she would bring a bottle of wine “to a dinner or something, or I would give it as a gift to a friend, like, ‘Here’s a nice bottle of wine!’ And they would get the reaction later.” How very sneaky! Perry says the wine-label-fine-print trick didn’t work on her mom though because her mom immediately found the custom bottles in Perry’s house and called her out, yelling, “What is this?” It’s funnier when Perry tells it, we swear. You had to have been there, we guess.

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