Just when you thought you were safe from the pop culture news cycle for one blessed, federal holiday, Kanye West just had to turkey-drop the video for “Closed on Sunday,” the fourth track from his gospel-rap-Christian-radio-rebrand album Jesus Is King. The video is semi-surprisingly devoid of any Chick fil-A product placement imagery; there are no too-cheery drive-thru attendants or allusions to the company’s recent anti-LGBTQ hate group affiliations in sight. A Popeye’s sandwich diss track this is not. Instead, West and family cradle their children in cozy puffy Carhartt on an expansive gray cliffside. They walk hand-in-hand in a way that looks vaguely Biblical, maybe, in a wandering through the desert way. There’s an envoy of tanks, or maybe they’re Tesla cybertruck prototypes, and Kris Jenner steps out of one in a big teddy coat in what is the highlight of the video.

Then, the Sunday Service revellers join Kanye, and the aerial shots make it kind of look like a highly overcast Jesus Christ Superstar. Or doomsday preppers eschewing society out in the wilderness. Or District 12 from The Hunger Games. North gets to scream at the top of her lungs. She screams ‘Chick fil-A,’ though. Did I mention Kris Jenner stands on a tank? Anyway, this is a totally fine substitute for scoring a ticket to Kanye’s opera Nebuchadnezzar at the Hollywood Bowl.

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