K-Lo Master Outlaw releases a brand new single, ‘Ain’t She Hood,’ inspired by a woman he loves and admires in every way, Karla Padron. 

This sensual, groovy, and fun song is K-Lo Master Outlaw’s most complete and efficient drop so far, a fantastic summer-filled song that sees the young rising star at the top of his creative shape

The perfect soundtrack for the many gatherings and summer parties that are going to take place once this coronavirus situation is over, “Ain’t She Hood” is suitable for everyone ready to unleash their best moves when going outside will be allowed again, sharing vibes of fun, and inspiring crowds to be themselves, a show love to the woman they cherish. K-Lo Master Outlaw goes by the philosophy of Carpe Diem, living the moment and believing in the sacred power of the ‘now’.

In a similar fashion, don’t forget to check-out K-Lo Master Outlaw’s other new track, “Dat Girl Got Dat Wap,” and follow the master on Instagram

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