Justin Bieber has officially won the celebrity relatability Olympics after boldly partaking in two of his favorite activities, back-to-back: publicly sobbing and making indelicate comments in front of a crowd. According to Rolling Stone, the 25-year-old singer was visibly emotional at his recent album-playback party in Los Angeles, where he and a select number of journalists and music-industry players sat around and listened to his forthcoming songs. Bieber was apparently feeling pretty soft throughout the night — enough to openly sob. After discussing the admittedly dark headspace he was in while recording the album, and then thanking his friends and team during his opening remarks, Bieber “began to cry profusely,” per the report. “I’ve gotta get it together …” he said. But he simply could not. During the opening ballad, Rolling Stone reports that he held his wife, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, tightly in his arms, weeping into her neck. And then, presumably exhausted from all the crying, he moved onto one of his other beloved pastimes. Per the report:

Bieber seemed relieved once the playback ended, ready to pursue more nonmusical activities with his wife. “You know what that means,” he said with a literal wink toward the crowd as Hailey covered her face while laughing at his statement. “Things are about to get pretty freaky.” Quickly, they both slipped out.

Good for Bieber, finding someone who loves him exactly for whom he is (a Pisces).

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