After giving us a self-isolation anthem by turning her hit song “Leave (Get Out)” into a PSA about the need to stay inside as American fights to mitigate the coronavirus, Jojo has continued to make her Instagram page a hub for live music in this time of crisis. (Instead of a Tiny Desk Concert, think of it as a Tiny IG Concert.) The singer has given us an array of cover songs that diligent social media users have captured for posterity from her Stories, and the volume of white soul on display here is truly inspiring. There’s a little D’Angelo, a little TLC, and even a little of her own music. Give yourself a break. Savor these brief moments of respite from fear and anxiety. Chill. Stay in. And listen to Jojo.

Jojo even manages to make the word “Hello” a restorative musical experience, and we don’t mean because she sang the song “Hello” by Adele. She’s literally just singing the world “hello” repeatedly.

One should not use the phrase lightly but: her power!

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