Stand-up comic John Mulaney is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, the show where he made a name for himself as a writer before moving on to star in his own sitcom and numerous Netflix stand-up specials. And to mark the occasion he’s taken to social media to take us down memory lane. He’s goin’ all the way back to six, maybe even ten years ago. It’s hard to believe, but we had most of the same things then: television, the internet, and worse versions of the same smartphones we use today. It was a much looser time though, a time when the SNL staff dressed up as Mad Men characters to welcome that week’s host Jon Hamm, then got drunk.

He also sat down to take fans through the origin story of one of his most beloved sketches: Stefon. It turns out Mulaney didn’t actually know what an Ed Hardy shirt was when he asked for one, he just wanted Stefon to look like something out of the 2003 film Party Monster starring Macaulay Culkin.

Mulaney will host tonight alongside musical guest Jack White, who, ironically, also kind of looks like he could’ve been in Party Monster.

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