John Cena is maybe one of the last celebrities you’d expect to be a card-carrying member of the BTS Army, but he’s clearly got purple running through his veins. The wrestler was supremely jealous of his fellow guest on The Late Late Show With James Corden, January Jones, who actually got to meet BTS the last time she was on the show. “You are so lucky to be in that picture,” he joked. “I tried out to be their bodyguard and I didn’t even make it.” But, what’s this? A Western celebrity taking them seriously? “Not only is the choreography, the development of personalities, the whole entertainment they put on spectacular, young people are listening to their music and they’re sending a good message through their music,” he explained. “I think that’s really cool when you have popularity and you choose to use your voice for something good. I think that’s a plus.” Cena just got one of the strongest fanbases on the internet on his side — and that is not an easy thing to do. Because he really is Army, through and through, Cena also leaked his BTS bias: RM and J-Hope, for their rapping skills. It’s okay, Suga, you’ll get ’em next time.

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