Jay-Z completed his final stage of Blue Ivy–mandated training this weekend at Diddy’s 50th birthday party. And by that we mean, he snatched a fan’s phone faster than the fan could snap a picture of dark-haired Beyoncé (the rarest Beyoncé of them all) meeting rapper Saweetie. Jay-Z, despite having Huge Wife Guy Energy, does not have a track record for being the most attentive husband. Remember in Homecoming when she FaceTimed him to show him she fit into her old costume and he said “Alright!” like his team picked up a fumble? That whole interaction was a fumble. Anyway, while Beyoncé was catching a vibe, greeting her loyal subjects, and enjoying her time outside the palace, Jay-Z was in full defense mode. The fan, who seemed to be part of their conversation so no hard feelings, looked like he was trying to record Beyoncé dancing. Cameras, in general, are probably a no-go around Beyoncé and her husband, so Jay-Z did what he had to do and snatched it. Snatched it like he’s a middle-school teacher and a kid is trying to make a TikTok in the middle of biology class. It’s wonderful. It’s marvelous. It’s what our girl deserves.

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