A 2015 Breakfast Club interview with DJ Khaled resurfaced online Friday (May 4) and found the veteran producer making some questionable comments about women, which many deemed sexist.

Among the many gems, the platinum-selling artist said a woman should “praise” the man and explained that because he’s the “king” of the castle, she should be submissive to him.

“A woman should praise the man, the king,” Khaled said. “If you holding it down for your woman I feel like the woman should praise. And a man should praise the queen.

“But you know, my way of praising is called … ‘How was dinner? You like the house you living in? You like all them clothes you getting? I’m taking care of your family, I’m taking care of my family …’ You know, I’m putting in the work.”

ok so I'm convinced he has the mind of a teenage boy pic.twitter.com/epzhPjceny

— Got Student Loans Homie Quan (@howcomeyousmell) May 4, 2018

But Khaled’s old fashioned views of women aren’t what got people riled up on Twitter, it’s his admission that he refuses to perform oral sex on his wife Nicole Tuck.

“Nah, never,” he said. “I don’t do that.”

For the past 24 hours and counting, Twitter has had a field day with Khaled’s confession. Meanwhile, Khaled, Tuck and their son Asahd are (literally) on a yacht somewhere in the middle of the ocean, screaming, “We the best.”

Great morning ?? #FatherOfAsahd @wethebestmusic

A post shared by DJ KHALED (@djkhaled) on

Considering it’s been three years since the interview, perhaps things have changed in the Khaled household but that possibility hasn’t stopped Twitter from dragging Khaled from here to kingdom come.

Check out some of the best reactions below.

*dj khaled’s wife trying to put his head between her legs*

Him: pic.twitter.com/vdyTpju2MW

— Khadi Don (@KhadiDon) May 5, 2018

Apparently Cinco De Mayo is the only time DJ Khaled eats a taco

— Brad Williams (@funnybrad) May 5, 2018

I bet if you let him yell "DJ KHALED!" into your pussy he might change his mind

— Andy Richter (@AndyRichter) May 5, 2018

Hey DJ Khaled,
If that is your real name…if you’re really a DJ…?. If you’re not walking around with the scent of your woman on your beard for at least two days after servicing her for both of your enjoyment, shave your beard off. You’re unworthy. – @EpicBeardMen

— Sage Francis (@SageFrancis) May 5, 2018

I enjoy that DJ Khaled thought he was gonna blow minds with how alpha he is and instead everybody clowned on him for 24 hours and counting.

— Joe Berkowitz (@JoeBerkowitz) May 5, 2018

dj khaled when his wife asks him to eat her out pic.twitter.com/bNBRH3xiAi

— Dylan (@scholaurship) May 4, 2018

Idgaf that DJ Khaled doesn’t perform oral sex. I care that he expects oral sex from women (wife), but won’t reciprocate (oral sex) solely because of his gender. “I’m the King” dude fuck you.

— Molly Martinez (@molly__martinez) May 5, 2018

If we get DJ Khaled’s sexist ass as opening act you’ll see me start a riot on stage pic.twitter.com/T02fAU3EHM

— Mazarine (@devonnesgraham) May 5, 2018

JERY: how are things with u and DJ Khaled

ELANE: pic.twitter.com/Gf8WleKH8Z

— Seinfeld Current Day (@Seinfeld2000) May 4, 2018

Date Night at DJ Khaled's house be like pic.twitter.com/m2QacbHjzf

— Rob Cesternino ? (@robcesternino) May 4, 2018

Sending thoughts and prayers to DJ Khaled's wife's vagina.

— billy eichner (@billyeichner) May 4, 2018

I can't wait for DJ Khaled's new single "I'm Not Good At Sex But All 5 People Who Actually Made This Song Are"

— Al Shipley (@alshipley) May 4, 2018

dj khaled is going to learn a powerful lesson about the benefits of discretion before this day is done.

— fooler initiative (@metroadlib) May 4, 2018

why are some people so upset over dj khaled not eating pussy who the fuck wants dj khaled eating their pussy anyway? what is he gonna do? whisper “anotha one” into you? im sick

— ELLISA (@ellisuhhh) May 4, 2018

I'm just surprised there's something DJ Khaled won't eat

— Fred Delicious (@Fred_Delicious) May 4, 2018

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